Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ancient Treasures

Ancient Treasures v.1.4.0
There are hidden treasures during thousands of years under the pyramids... but the new EX-01 exploration robot will bring them back to the light.

■ Plan your exploration strategy and find treasures using the items in your inventory.
■ Sell treasures to the museum
■ Improve every part of the robot
■ Buy new items in the store
■ Escape from the mummies.
■ Play minigames to deactivate the traps.
■ Unlock achievements to get better prices at the museum


 The full version includes:
○ More missions for campaign mode
○ More levels for exploration mode
○ More levels for the robot parts
○ You can keep exploring a pyramid in exploration mode after reach the stage's goal
○ No ads
○ Your saved games and progress will be automatically imported from free or beta versions

Recent changes:
v1.4.0 (August 22, 2011):
- New minigames option: Very easy level is now available in the options screen (from pause menu)
- Fixed error when passing from level 30 to level 31 in exploration mode
v1.3.2 (August 4, 2011):
- Fixed a couple of bugs
- Updated SDKs

v1.3.1 (June 24, 2011):
 - Fixed on-screen direction pad issue to prevent some accidental actions.

v1.3.0 (June 4, 2011):
 - Updated on-screen direction pad: Now, you can move the robot by continuos pression on the directon buttons, so no more tired thumbs! ;)
For fine game control, additional taps are required to place stairs or to activate levers or trap clockworks.

v1.2.0 (May 27, 2011): 
- New minigame: sliding tiles. Find and click on the on-screen keyboard for each symbol before it leaves the screen.
- Updated several mission maps to set the traps to ramdom type. The position of traps is fixed, but now, the type is randomly decided at the start of the stage
- Updated the map's generator to include the new trap's type and to increase the proportion of traps and mummies for exploration maps.

- Modified the transition between screens mechanism to make it more robust in order to prevent problems in some Motorola devices.
- New option to disable the animation of transitions between screens: Use it if you have problems with buttons that do not disappear when switching screen.
- Modified the startup process to make it lighter, trying to prevent problems in some Android 2.1 devices
- Mission 8: Added hint in the objectives description
- Fixed the delay for the sound of the mummies when disappear, or capture the robot

v1.1.1 (May 15, 2011): 
- Fixed the "force close" problem that was affecting some models.

v1.1.0 (May 15, 2011):
- New stats screen
- Some bugs fixed
- Enhanced debug info to investigate the problems with the HTC Glacier and other few devices.

v1.0.4 (May 3, 2011):
- Difficulty level is now configurable for the minigames (traps). Check the options in the pause menu
- Memory game difficulty level set to easy by default

v1.0.3 (May 2, 2011):
- Some little bugs fixed
- Removed coarse location permission
- Some of tutorial stages are easier now
- Pass all tutorial stages is no longer required to play campaign or exploration modes


Buy items for the exploration at the shop

Upgrade the robot parts

Mission 4 solution


  1. Where are full instructions for this game? What is the purpose of those switches with an arrow?
    By the way...great game! I've buyed it

  2. Hi Gomitino,
    You can see the full instructions using the 'book' button located in the main menu.
    There are 5 buttons with an arrow on the gameplay screen: 4 for the direction pad and another, at the right edge, to open the additional controls drawer.

  3. The one thing that sucked for me was i got a new phone, and can't find the save files. Besides that this game is my new favorite, thanks for making this game

  4. I have the DROID 3 and it keeps force closing in campaign mode, lol plus im stuck on lvl 19 the "to good to be true". Thanks I would appreciate your feed back, I love this game so much I bought the full version.

  5. Hi Snuffys3,

    About the force closing, mail me to get a little more detail about the problem and find a solution. On the game's main menu, tap on the "i" icon, and then use the mail button to contact me (My email address is not visible here due to spam issues, you know...)

    The level 19 is a little tricky. Just avoid to pick the golden masks near the entrance. They are placed over pressure sensors.

    P.S. I was sure that I had answered to your last comment, but my answer is not here :(
    There is an easy way to import your progress from a phone to another, so if you are still interested, mail me and I will send to you detailled instructions.

  6. I just purchased this game & I love it. However , I can't get past mission 4 : stairs economy. I have tried every way, except the correct way . Can you please help me, maybe give me a hint?

  7. Hi Carrie,

    I've just added a screenshot of the solution for the mission 4 at the end of this post.

    I hope that it helps ;)

  8. My last comment didn't post for some reason. I just wanted to thank you for responding so quickly & for helping me. You did a great job with this game. It's fun, unique, & very addictive.

    I wish there was a walk through just in case I get stuck again.

  9. I found your game and I'm addicted! Very good! Congratulations!
    Please help me to finish mission 7! I can´t!
    Thank you!

  10. Hi Silvia,

    The mission 7 is a exploration style mission, so some practice in exploration mode should help a lot. You have to pick the 40% of the hidden treasures.

    You should start exploring near the entrance, wasting as few ladders as you can, and watching the battery indicator very often.

    Use the money earned with the first treasures to upgrade the battery and excavation container at the workshop, and be sure to have enough ladders to keep exploring.

    Then try to explore deeper below the entrance. A good strategy is to build an auto-stairs way straigh down from a side of the entrance to the bottom of the map. This let you move the robot up and down without use battery power.

    The final part to explore is the pyramid, when you have an upgraded robot and enough money, because this is often the harder part.

    At first, this mission looks hard, but with some practice, it becomes really easy

  11. Love this game!!! Have been playing full version for awhile now. Very addicting. I am stuck on mission 19, some help would be great.

  12. Hi LadyAva,

    The title for the mission 19 is a little hint: "Too good to be real".

    You have to avoid to pick the golden masks near the entrance. They are placed over pressure sensors and when you pick one, the way get closed by a rock.

    Thanks for your feedback. Have a nice day!

  13. Thanks, I was just coming back to tell you I figured it out. Surprised you got back to me so soon. Thanks again

  14. Love this game. One thing, I can't figure out what these achievements are: 82 big sale, 84 master picker, 85 exhaustive picker, 87 veteran explorer, 88 master explorer, and 100 pharaoh. Would greatly appriciate some help. Thanks.

  15. Hi Noah,

    82-Big sale: Earn 15000 or more with a single sale

    84-Master picker: Pick all the treasures in an exploration map (level >=5)

    85-Exhaustive picker: Pick all the treasures in an exploration map (level >=10)

    87-Veteran explorer: Unveil the full map on a level 5+

    88-Master explorer: Unveil the full map on a level 15+

    100-Pharaoh: Unlock 99 achievements


  16. Thanks for your promp response. Most helpfull. You made a great game. Its going to get me divorced. Deep strategy. Got the full version and have been playing for many many hours. I still laugh when a mummy gets ahold of my robot.

  17. Hi there,

    first: this is a really great game! I'm loving it!
    second: how to get the achievement "pyramid erudit"? Can't figure out, what i have to do.
    So please, give me a hint.
    Thank you very much in advantage and keep going on making such great games!
    P.S.: Will there be a sequel of this game anytime? Maybe, it could take place in space or something like that.. :-D

    Greetings from Germany,


  18. Hi Manuel,

    Pyramid Erudit is a very simple achievement, you only have to enter the help screen (main menu > book icon).
    There will be a new pack of missions for the campaign mode as well as new minigames. I'm also designing a new multiplayer mode. But I need more purchases of the full version to support the development of all these things.

    Thanks for your feedback.


  19. Oh, ok... in deed, that's really simple. Thank you very much for your fast response.
    I will do some advertising in my circle of friends :-)
    Looking forward for new stuff.

    Have a nice weekend.


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  21. I got 66 archivement so far but can' t figure out how to get 2,4and 5.... any hints?
    I love the game
    Play it too much that I need to buy extra powerbank!
    hope u keep on good work!

  22. Hi June,
    Thanks for comment.

    Tips for the achievements:
    2: Get 99 normal ladders in stock
    4: Try to reach the bottom of any map
    5: Let the robot reach the bottom-left corner of the map

    Best regards,

  23. Sorry....I mean. 7. Not 5.

    I try climb up straight from bottom to top but seem that's not it.

  24. Hi June,

    For achievement #7 you have to reach the top position of the pyramid, no matter which way you choose to get that.

    See the first screenshot of this post.


  25. Hi, I just upgrade all robot part to level 10 and now I found it's so difficult to move and dig as it move too fast....always move 2 block when I want to just move 1 and worst is also too powerful and dig 2 blocks instead of hard to control....have you ever test it at this level before? My phone model is htc evo 3d.

  26. Hi June,

    I've tested engine level 10 on several devices and works fine, no matter if the phone is fast or slow.

    The first few minutes with the fastest robot, it is as you note, it's a "bit different" to control. But after a few minutes of playing, it is easy to control and avoid accidental extra moves


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