Friday, December 10, 2010

Moonlight - Live Wallpaper

Moonlight - Live Wallpaper v1.15.0 released
Full moon sky, clouds, rain, snow and more...
Enjoy it!

  • Requires android 2.1 or later
  • Hi-res graphics for multiple resolutions, from QVGA to WVGA854. Version 1.1.0 add basic support for greater than 854x480 resolutions.
  • Customizable foreground, including firs forest, spooky forest, cherrytrees forest, wolf and graveyard. Some of these foregrounds can be animated.
  • Customizable weather including rain, storm, snow, random and live
  • Customizable moon including current moon phase
  • Tap on a desktop free place to see something flying over the sky .
  • Double tap (quickly) on a desktop free place to get a full white screent that you can use a as a portable light. Double tap again to restore wallpaper.
  • Triple tap (quickly) on a desktop free place to switch on the camera torch (not all device light are supported). Triple tap again to switch it off.
  • Supports landscape screens, but you can disable that support if you flip the home screen very often and the wallpaper draws itself slowly.
  • You can enable a clock in the moon to save a widget on the screen. 

Version 1.2.0 changes:
√ New flying objects: Android, Santa (merry xmas)
√ Some bugs fixed.
√ Increased max number of simultaneous flying objects

Version 1.3.0 changes:
√  New moon options:
  · Full moon (default)
  · No moon (saves more battery)
  · Moon at current phase [I hear your requests ;) ]
√  New option to adjust multi-tap sensitivity. Use it if prevent not wanted multi-taps or to do it easier.

Version 1.4.0 changes:
√ Added shooting stars
√ Improved twinkling stars
√ Enhanced forest movement
√ New on screen messages for the torch and flashlight modes. Touch that messages to disable these modes in an easier way

Version 1.5.0 changes:
√ Added storm option for weather
√ More optimizations to use less battery and memory
√ Santa disabled by default for new installations

Version 1.6.0 changes:
√ Added bats option in flying objects (WARNING Only for cloudless or cloudy weather)
√ New storm without rain option

Version 1.7.0 changes:
√ Added how-to app. Now it can be opened from market
√ Added 2 more moon phase images for better accuracy.
√ Added shooting stars options.
√ New mechanism to prevent accidental multitaps for unwanted white screen / torch modes.

Version 1.8.0 changes:
√ Added spooky forest option. Try it with different weather conditions. Looks better in landscape format if your home app support it.
√ Shortcut to other apps from SPCampos in settings
√ Performance and battery usage improvements

Version 1.9.0 changes:
√  Flying 'objects' are animated now. The animation is really optimized and uses the same battery as the static version.
√  Fixed some flying object movement issues
√  Shooting stars now can pass over the moon
√  Shortcut to the new featured game Ancient Treasures

Version 1.9.9 changes:
√  Fixed flying objects issues with some Samsung devices 

Version 1.10.0 changes:
√ New fireflies option:
   - It is disabled by default
   - Only for cloudless or cloudy weather
   - Looks better with spooky trees and no moon
√  New option to support this free live wallpaper

Version 1.11.0 changes:
√ New Aurora Boralis option to thank the people who have purchased the SPCampos Donation app (needed to unlock this option)
√ Enhanced shooting stars graphics.
√ Some little bugs fixed

Version 1.12.0 changes:
√ New foreground option replaces the forest option: Now you can choose more kinds of foregroud in addition to the firs forest and the spooky forest. Try the cherrytrees forest, the wolf and the graveyard (the more requested foregrounds

Version 1.13.0 changes (September 20, 2011):
√ New option to control the lightning's frequency for the stormy weather
√ New option: Troubleshooting > Center the wolf to fix the issue that makes the wolf invisible in some devices than can't slide the background like HTC Sensation and Samsung Infuse
√ New feature: Create a shortcut to the settings to change this wallpaper options quickly. Use menu key on home screen > add > shortcuts > Moonlight LW Settings
√ New foreground drawing method for better performance and less memory footprint

Version 1.14.0 changes (December 28, 2011):
√ New settings UI
√ New weather modes: Live, random and static:
- Static weather let you choose the weather as usual.
- Random weather changes automatically the weather. You can configure how often the weather changes
- Live weather is a new feature to thanks to all the SPCampos Donation users. You have to enter your location, and the wallpaper's weather will reflect the real outdoor weather for your city. Check the terms of this service yn the info screen.
√ Improved graphics for moon and firs forest. New graphics for firs forest with snow weather.

New Version 1.15.0 released (September 11, 2012):
√ Live weather and Aurora Borealis options are now available for everybody
√ New weather service provider
√ Need new permissions:
  - Internet access: Only to get weather data if live weather is selected
  - View network state: To check for weather updates only if there are internet connectivity



  1. Hi dear support.

    I made a donation (to unlock all the features of the program.) Service weather updates become available.
    However, the weather service is almost always not available! The weather is not updated manually or automatically! (Internet works!) Tried to set a different city, but the weather is not updated.

    Help me to solve this problem.
    Tell me, is it possible to change the update source of weather forecast?

    1. Hi Petr,

      Our weather provider is down for some areas. We are working on a fix and looking for alternative weather providers.

  2. I have this love wall paper I really like it. I was considering buying the donation app called Thanksgiving and the link I click on says item not found. What's going on?

    1. Hi Penney,
      Thanks a lot, you are very kind, but the donation app is no longer available.
      The 2 "premium" features in the wallpaper are now unlocked. Just update the wallpaper to get the lastest version using Google Play and enjoy it.

  3. Any updates on why the weather portion of this still doesn't work?

    1. Hi Kristi,

      Update to the latest version using the Google Play Store. The new version has a new weather provider that is working fine.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Triple tap doesn't working any more after the latest update on my device :(

  6. I want to delete the app but there is no way to delete it. How do you delete it?

  7. weather service provider is down?

  8. The weather service has been down for quite sometime. Any ETA on a fix?

  9. Love it. Restful to the point of Dr. Mesmer's special.

  10. Like others, have been waiting a long time for weather fix. Sent several emails, no response. What's up? Will this be fixed? It's my favorite wallpaper, but have moved on while I wait.